Holistic Wellness with Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharma

By Ann Kornuta / August 17, 2022 /

  EPISODE NOTES About Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharmar: Dr. Ritu is a board-certified Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Physician with more than 15 years of clinical experience. Throughout her career in the ER, during every shift, all day long, she has seen people suffering from conditions that could likely have been prevented. While searching for answers and…

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Raise Healthy Kids with Charlotte Caunter

By Ann Kornuta / August 10, 2022 /

  EPISODE NOTES About Charlotte Caunter: Charlotte Caunter is a Holistic Burnout Coach for Moms & the Founder of Health SHEro. She helps women who are feeling burnt out and struggling to get through their day to feeling energized, happier, and more successful at home and at work. Charlotte is the creator of #FedUpToFiredUp, an online…

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Mental Health Warrior with Caroline Murphy-Bennis

By Ann Kornuta / August 3, 2022 /

EPISODE NOTES About Caroline Murphy-Bennis: Caroline is an award-winning graphic designer working in visual communications for 23 years, both in Scotland and Ireland. She completed her studies at WIT, Ireland, in 1993. Partner at Bennis Design since 2002, working with Irish Government agencies to create physical and mental health, environmental and innovation-based initiatives. Caroline lectured…

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What Do You Really Want? with Health & Life Coach Shannon Talbot

By Ann Kornuta / July 27, 2022 /

EPISODE NOTES About Shannon Talbot: With over 15 years and 13,000 hours leading people and teams in the corporate world, Shannon Talbot is a workplace well-being and performance expert who has become renowned for activating and energizing people and teams to live healthier and more joyful lives across various industries. Shannon aligns and partners with companies…

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Mindful Communication with Brett Hill

By Ann Kornuta / July 20, 2022 /

  EPISODE NOTES About Brett Hill: Brett is the Co-Founder of The Future is Mindful conference. A professional speaker, trainer, coach, author, specializing in mindful communications, and is the host of the Language of Mindfulness and Organizational Mindfulness podcast. He has a degree in interpersonal communications, has taught meditation to many hundreds of people, and is…

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The 5 pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle with Carolina Fiel

By Ann Kornuta / July 13, 2022 /

EPISODE NOTES About Carolina Fiel: Carolina “Carol” Fiel is a Portuguese writer and motivational speaker. She has a coaching program and a mini course on how to reclaim our health that encourages people to get back to basics and shows how people can make their own choices and empowers them with that knowledge. And she goes…

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Stop and Breathe with Leah Davidson

By Ann Kornuta / July 6, 2022 /

EPISODE NOTES About Leah Davidson: Leah is a Certified Life Coach and founder of Leah Davidson Life Coaching. She is also the host of the Building Resilience Podcast. Leah has an MSc (A) in Speech Language Pathology from McGill University and has worked as an SLP Speech Language Pathologist for over two decades, helping people rehabilitate…

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Escape Your Pain with Fran Garton

By Ann Kornuta / June 29, 2022 /

About Fran Garton: Fran is a Health Coach at Fran Garton Coaching where she provides health, wellness and fitness education through various workshops to organizations and groups in the community. She believes that health and wellness should be at the forefront of workplace culture, so she creates workshops that are tailored to each workplace and delivers…

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Mindful Momma with Clarissa Hidalgo

By Ann Kornuta / June 22, 2022 /

EPISODE SUMMARY About Clarissa Hidalgo: Clarissa earned a BA in psychology from the University of California, Merced in 2012, where she was able to not only incorporate and recognize the various physical and mental benefits of yoga, but also tap into the mindfulness and self-healing powers. She also earned a yoga teacher certification in the…

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You Must Learn to Pivot with Jon Giganti

By Ann Kornuta / June 15, 2022 /

  EPISODE SUMMARY About Jon Giganti: Jon is a sales leader at CCC, a multi billion-dollar technology company where he has worked for the past 19 years. He believes that we are all works in progress and he is on a mission to learn, evolve, and grow alongside others. He writes articles on leadership, performance,…

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