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About Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharmar: Dr. Ritu is a board-certified Emergency Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Physician with more than 15 years of clinical experience.

Throughout her career in the ER, during every shift, all day long, she has seen people suffering from conditions that could likely have been prevented. While searching for answers and a better solution, she continued her training and became board certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. It was through this training that she realized, that it is possible to prevent many of our most common chronic diseases and to transform our healthcare system, through simple lifestyle changes. In her quest to create a program to help people make real and lasting change, she then became certified as an integrative health coach.

She created Head Heart Hands LLC as a comprehensive wellness solution for both businesses and individuals. This program was developed to help people lose weight, prevent disease, optimize their physical and emotional health, and increase longevity. By creating this program, she has been able to integrate all of her experience into a format where it can truly change people’s lives.


In this episode, Adam and Dr. Ritu discuss: 

  • Wellness is a holistic approach.
  • Maintaining a plant-based lifestyle
  • Exercise as a holistic part of wellness
  • The six pillars of lifetime medicine


Key Takeaways:

  • The key to our health is not expensive medications or interventions, but focusing on the root causes of our illnesses. Make a lifestyle change – eat more plants, increase your physical activity, and get enough sleep to manage your stress.
  • Reduce your meat consumption and eat more plants, even just a small change can make a big difference.
  • Exercise depends on your goals. If you are just looking for health benefits, you should get some cardiovascular exercises as well as some bone and muscle strengthening exercises.
  • A healthy and long life begins with losing weight, preventing diseases, and changing your lifestyle.


“Try to be less reactive and more mindful in your everyday life and the practice of mindfulness, including meditation, or yoga…there’s a lot of evidence that there’s a significant benefit for both your emotional health and your physical health and longevity” —  Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharma



Connect with Dr. Ritu Saluja-Sharma

Website: https://www.headhearthandsmd.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/headhearthandsmd

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ritu-saluja-sharma-md-8a245b208


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