Meditation Not Medicine

Helps you survive and thrive in our stress-filled world


Meditation Not Medicine

Helps you survive and thrive in our stress-filled world


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Adam’s speaking career started in the real estate world. He is a highly accomplished commercial real estate professional that owns and operates a successful New York-based firm, Weber Real Estate Advisors.

In 2019 he decided that he needed to focus his attention on his passion, teaching meditation.

Adam speaks and trains both in person and virtually about stress reduction and the use of meditation as a drug-free strategy to help people reduce their stress. You can also work with Adam through his digital course.

“Easy to Meditate.”

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Meditation Not Medicine helps you survive and thrive in our stress filled world

Meditation Not Medicine is more than just a book. It is a life-changing transformational book that will help you learn to reduce your stress and make more money. I wrote this book for you. Meditation Not Medicine is about setting a new standard for stress reduction utilizing my proprietary meditation technique, “Easy to Meditate.” It is important that as you read this book, you take massive action.

This book will provide you with a rock-solid foundation. When you implement what you learn, you are going to change your life for the better.

Welcome to the Meditation not medicine community

Welcome to the Meditation Not Medicine community. Like many, you spend a lot of time working, raising a family, and doing twenty other things all at the same time. If you are anything like me, for too long, you took advice from those that should not only not be giving advice but are a complete mess. Mainstream medicine and its care for the millions struggling with stress leave many with little hope and fewer answers. The current model of care for treating those living with stress is inadequate, to say the least.

The current medical system takes a one size fits all approach to treatment. The focus has been to pair a condition like stress with a drug. The "take a pill approach" is a failed approach. It fails to consider that we are all different and that there are no “magic pills” out there.

The other issue with the current medical system and the drugs utilized is that these drugs are designed to manage symptoms and are not designed to heal. These treatments present numerous side effects. According to the Journal of The American Medical Association, more than 100,000 people die each year die from prescription drugs.

My passion is to help people just like you who need help in this trying time to find the peace of mind you're searching for.  My greatest wish is that you join us and find the peace that I and hundreds more have found.  Click the button below and join our community.

I look forward to serving and supporting you.

I want to let you know that you are not alone.

Jack Canfield Interview

Adam was interviewed by the one and only Jack Canfield about his book Meditation Not Medicine.  In this incredible interview, you'll see the background of the book and see why, more now than ever, this book is so important for you to get your hands on.


What You Will Learn

A personal operating system so that you can address your stress, reduce your anxiety and to live a higher quality life, a better life.

Who This Is For

This website is not for those that are not looking for the take a pill approach but rather are looking for a natural approach to dealing with their stress.

How We Are Different

Meditation Not Medicine has been labeled as revolutionary by some because it challenges the status quo. It is intended to start a revolution that will positively change countless lives.  Meditation Not Medicine challenges traditional medical thinking and that is ok.

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