Mental Health Warrior with Caroline Murphy-Bennis


About Caroline Murphy-Bennis: Caroline is an award-winning graphic designer working in visual communications for 23 years, both in Scotland and Ireland. She completed her studies at WIT, Ireland, in 1993. Partner at Bennis Design since 2002, working with Irish Government agencies to create physical and mental health, environmental and innovation-based initiatives.

Caroline lectured design at Griffith College, Dublin, from 2013–2016. She completed a Postgraduate Special Purpose Award in training and education in 2015. She has written Design Thinking Modules for Griffith College’s BA (Honours) Degree in design communications. Caroline’s creative writing stems from her close relationship with nature.

She is the founder of Flourishbydesign, and is on a mission to redesign lives & businesses in harmony with nature from the inside out.

In this episode, Adam and Caroline discuss:

  • Combating workplace stress and anxiety
  • The importance of mindfulness and meditation
  • Teaching mindfulness practices to kids


Key Takeaways:

  • Working in the corporate world can provide a good living, but it is detrimental to your mental health. And it’s high time for companies to begin offering wellness trainings, because increasing employee productivity begins with bringing that awareness into the workplace.
  • Our anxieties stem from the stresses we tend to keep to ourselves and deal with alone. It is more important now than ever for us to learn mindfulness and meditation, as they will greatly help us overcome any challenges life may throw at us.
  • Mindfulness begins at home. The key to having a healthy mind of your children is to ensure positive connections between all members of the household, allowing children to express themselves, playing games appropriate to their age, reading books, and checking out meditation and podcasts online, and letting them try them out.


“If you’re interested in kind of spirituality and any kind of meditation, what it brings in is in a choice – the choice in how we speak, how we respond. I suppose it’s kind of trying to make people aware of the words that they use, how it can help in their inner world and the inner landscape, and then in their outer world with people around them.” —  Caroline Murphy-Bennis



Connect with Caroline Murphy-Bennis:

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