Ann Kornuta

How you can improve your meditation practice

By Ann Kornuta / May 27, 2022 /

People are always looking to improve their lives. And, with the current state of the world, it’s no wonder that meditation has become such a popular way to improve one’s life. However, many people find it difficult to improve their meditation and often never fully reap the benefits that meditation can offer. It could be…

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Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to Control Anxiety

By Ann Kornuta / April 18, 2022 /

Do you struggle with feelings of anxiety? If so, it’s good to know that there are ways to relieve your suffering. You can learn strategies to take charge of your nervousness and experience the serenity you deserve. You can learn to control your anxiety with simple deep breathing techniques.   When you breathe deeply and…

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4 Healing Meditations For Coping With Illness

By Ann Kornuta / March 11, 2022 /

It’s easy to feel like an illness is taking over your life. Meditation is one way to get back on top of the situation. Consider these 4 approaches to using mindfulness to deal with physical sickness. Sometimes we all feel under the weather. However, our mental powers can turn any day into a good one.…

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Adam Weber on the Clean Your F*cking House B*tch Podcast

By Ann Kornuta / January 7, 2022 /

I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker on the Clean Your F*cking House B*tch Podcast with hosts Lou Brown, Nancy Bahen, and Kevin Anderson, where I shared my incredible wellness journey.   The Clean Your F*cking House B*tch Podcast is perfect for you if you are looking for some no-nonsense advice to help…

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Using Meditation to Bring You Greater Confidence

By Ann Kornuta / September 24, 2021 /

Many might find it shocking that you can use meditation to boost confidence, and the truth is that meditation can be used to strengthen any emotion or skill. When you meditate, you bring significant awareness into your mind. In the moment of meditation, you hold the power to decide exactly what your life is about.…

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