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About Wendy Patterson: Wendy is a Professional and Life Coach. She has struggled with depression and anxiety most of her life. She couldn’t identify how she felt as an adult due to being too many things at once; mother, daughter, provider, employee, cleaner, cook, caretaker, advisor, etc. It took her some time to re-discover herself, which led her to learn Reiki (3rd level); Cranial Sacral (CSTS1); Meditation. Her pursuit of these subjects led her to become an Empowerment Strategist (in training), NLP Practitioner, Time Line TherapyTM Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.

In this episode, Adam and Wendy discuss:

  • Using meditation to overcome depression and anxiety Practicing simple meditation in our daily life
  • What is timeline therapy?
  • Making the five-minute meditation a ritual

Key Takeaways:
The time you spend alone with yourself for five to ten minutes a day could help you become self-centered, find that inner peace and calm and be more capable of navigating the outside world. It’s not about thinking about nothing, but about quieting your mind and just bringing the consciousness back to yourself. Be the best version of yourself through timeline therapy – it releases you from all of your negative traumas by digging into your unconscious mind and uncovering it, allowing it to be turned into more positive energy in the now so that you can move forward more freely in your life. Making yourself a priority, being gentle with yourself, and coming back to your breath is the key to being at peace with yourself. In addition, you have to really surrender to the whole process – keep the daily practice of taking those five minutes out of your day.

“It’s just taking that first five minutes and making it a practice throughout your day no matter what time. And it’s just recognizing what’s going on and bringing everybody to the present moment so that they can kinda be in the “now”. – Wendy Patterson

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