Beating Burnout: Sarah Ross of ‘Your Reason to Breathe’

About Sarah Ross: Sarah Ross is an international award-winning speaker and bestselling author who uses her own experiences with Burnout and Depression to help others avoid the dark place that she found herself in when she left the corporate world. She founded “Your Reason to Breathe” as a way to show those burning out at work that there are steps that can help turn the dark and depressing into an empowered and fulfilling life.

Whilst volunteering at an orphanage for disabled children in Vietnam, Sarah found not only her “Reason to Breathe” but a wealth of business and life lessons in the everyday activities of the children at a state-run care facility. She attributes her own recovery from Burnout to learning how to prioritize herself over work and that smiling, and laughter were powerful remedies to fight the negativity of burning out.

Her unique experiences whilst volunteering give her valuable insights into resilient leadership and team dynamics that all organizations can benefit from. Sarah now works with corporate executives and their teams to help them strengthen their own resilience and thrive by using the power of “Your reason to breathe”, whilst empowering those teams to be self-supporting so that everyone becomes the best version of themselves, whilst achieving great things for the organization.

Having spent over 16 years in Compliance, Ethics, and Process Improvement, Sarah combines a wealth of business experience with the unique business lessons she learned through volunteering and recovery from Burnout to help businesses retain and supporting their top talent whilst still delivering on the bottom line.

Sarah has an LLB in English and German Law from the University of Liverpool and is Chartered Accountant at the Institute of Chartered Accountancy (ICAEW). She has worked in various industries and has covered more than 100 countries. She is currently based in Oxford, UK but travels internationally to speak and consult with her clients.

In this episode, Adam and Sarah discuss:

  • Hydration and true rest
  • Breaking the stress cycle
  • How engagement can protect you

Key Takeaways:

  • Hydration and sleep. Make sure that you’re drinking the recommended amount of glasses per day. Also, always make sure that you’re getting enough true rest.
  • Your body chemistry can provide either stress hormones or happy hormones, never both. That’s why it’s hard to be happy when you’re stressed. Taking a break means breaking that stress cycle to give your body a chance to reset. Make your own happy kit to break this cycle.
  • Find a reason to smile, do all the little things you have to do to make yourself happy.. Engaging with people meaningfully, showing your loved ones your true situation, will protect your joy, and can protect you from being burnt out.

“The body is an amazing machine and it is built to deal with stress. It is built to be able to heal itself… everything that we need it to do for us to stay alive, our body was built to do that. But it needs time when it doesn’t have to do other things in order to be able to do that.” —  Sarah Ross


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