Increasing Your Energy With Meditation

Juggling responsibilities at work and home can leave you feeling stressed out and drained. Meditation is a safe and effective way to rev up your energy levels. Here’s an explanation of how meditation gives you more energy and a sample meditation to get you started.

How Meditation Gives you More Energy

1. Improve your posture. Straightening up will instantly make you feel more alert. Good posture helps protect your body from injury and chronic pain. Try pressing your abdomen in toward your back while relaxing your shoulders. Hold your head up high.

2. Take full breaths. Stress can cause shallow chest breathing, limiting the oxygen flow to your brain and other organs. Slow down and breathe deeply from your abdomen. If you lie on your back, your body automatically shows you how.

3. Reduce mental stress. In addition to reinforcing correct posture and breathing, meditation clears mental stress by turning your mind toward more constructive purposes.

4. Sleep better. Many people suffer from sleep deprivation, and a daily mediation practice will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Meditation can even reduce your need for sleep.

5. Live in the present moment. Worries about the past and future can leave you feeling depleted, even if you send your body on vacation to a tropical beach. Mediation liberates your mind to focus on the present.

6. Feel more motivated. It’s easy to feel energized when you love what you’re doing and believe your hard work will pay off. Meditation will help you attain and prolong that state of mind even while cleaning the toilet or paying your bills.

Sample Meditation for Boosting Your Energy Level

1. Get into position. Find a comfortable place on a cushion or in a chair. Sit up straight. Draw slow, deep breaths up from your abdomen. Exhale through your nose, keeping your mind on the spot where the air passes out of your nostrils.

2. Scan your body. Scan your body from the top down. Notice any spots where you feel pain or tightness without allowing them to disturb your practice.

3. Scan your mind. Give your mind the same treatment. Observe your passing thoughts without pursuing them or making judgments.

4. Welcome tensions into your heart. If you’re like most people, you may be wasting a lot of energy by trying to avoid the things you find unpleasant or fearful. Instead, bring them on. As you inhale, imagine all your anxieties coming to take shelter inside your heart.

5. Apply compassion and healing. You can think about practical solutions later. For now, view yourself and your difficulties with great compassion and the desire to heal.

6. Send out purified thoughts. Imagine that you already have the power to transform all adversity. As you exhale, send your joyful feelings out to create a positive environment for you and all creatures.

7. Gradually ease out of meditation. Allow the positive feelings you generated to last longer. Bit by bit, take more notice of your surroundings while retaining the intention of bringing more positive energy into all your activities.

8. Dedicate your efforts. Take a moment to appreciate the benefits of your meditation in improving your outlook. Express the wish that these benefits will continue to enrich your life and your connections with others.

Become more productive and enjoy greater peace of mind by using Meditation to welcome more energy into your life. You’ll soon feel better and get more accomplished with less effort.

Still seeking ways to feel less stressed, have more energy and better wellness? Listen to our past broadcast of the Meditation NOT Medicine Podcast with my guest holistic health expert, Suzi Vine Suzi, is also the host of The Happified Podcast, featuring experts in healthy living and lifestyle, sharing insights to help her audience enjoy life with less stress and more flow.

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