We Are All Stressed

Our stress is unavoidable. We wake up each day and our daily grind begins.

We are all stressed, there is no denying it.

We each lunch and our grind continue.

We eventually head home, and our stress comes home with us.

Our lives are filled with lots of activities, both work, and non-work. Days, weeks, months, and years of our stress accumulates, and our stress takes its toll on not only you personally but your family, friends and other relationships as well.

How you respond to your stress matters.

And it matters a lot.

It is time that you do something to change your life, drastically change your life because if you don’t your stress could kill you, yes kill you.

Do I have your attention yet?

Many of us are trying to juggle work, parenting, relationships, and other daily responsibilities.

Is this you?

For our kids, life changes and academic or social pressures contribute to their stress.

Are these your kids?

The pressures of daily life have led to increased stress on families in general, and effectively handling stress is an important part of creating balance in life and protecting one’s mental and physical health.

Unchecked stress can lead to changes in physical and emotional health. Unmanaged stress can lead to problems with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Stress can create muscle tension, headaches, stomach problems, and fatigue. Mood effects include problems with anger, depression, and anxiety.

My mission is to help empower and touch the lives of millions by promoting meditation as a tool of health and wellness.

One of the things that make humans unique is our ability to create and use tools, because they can multiply the effect of physical force, thought, or attention. The more a tool amplifies or concentrates your effort, the more effective the tool.

Meditation is a force multiplier.

That is a very bold statement for me to make.

Stress levels are at unprecedented levels and pills continue to be handed out like candy.

Conventional wisdom holds that if your stress is overwhelming, then you must see a doctor which often ends up with you taking a prescription, the one size fits all take a pill approach.

The drug companies invest their money in getting people to take prescriptions and as a result millions of dollars are spent every day on prescription pills.

I believe that this approach takes away your power and renders you helpless, and at the mercy of the doctors and the drug companies.

Conventional wisdom is an un-winnable game and conventional wisdom can ruin you.

Do not play an unwinnable game. Instead, focus your energy on what works. I am not saying to stop seeing doctors and taking certain prescriptions. They play a role.

It pays to be skeptical with those that want you to take pills.

You need to learn to become a true stress ninja.

This book will provide you with everything that you need to address your stress and to become a stress ninja.

This book will get you better, more predictable, and safer results.

This book will get you transformational results.

I am excited that you have chosen to read this blog post.

I can help. I want to hear from you. My personal email address adam@meditationnotmedicine.com


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