Q & A With Adam

By Adam Weber / October 17, 2020 /

In this episode, Adam discusses: Meditation and what it really is. Why should you meditate? The many and varied benefits of meditation.  

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stress and anxiety

8 Common Causes of our Stress and Anxiety

By Adam Weber / July 23, 2020 /

The following are the 8 most common causes of stress and Anxiety. 1. Finances: Money is the biggest source of stress and anxiety for Americans, according to research which is why I list it first. It might be unpaid bills, a lack of money in the bank, or generally not having enough money. A survey…

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visualize no stress

Visualize No Stress

By Adam Weber / July 9, 2020 /

Can you imagine waking up each day with a clear mind and visualize no stress in an approach without fear of your stress grabbing you and shaking you around? Visualization, sometimes referred to as guided imagery, involves creating a detailed mental image of a desired result, such as a day, no let us think bigger,…

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