Reaching Equilibrium with Hayley Schiller

About Hayley Schiller: Hayley is a Stress Management Coach who helps entrepreneurs and professionals in the workforce to be able to get what you need to be done, and feel clear and confident while doing so. She is the Founder of Reaching Equilibrium LLC, a stress management program that provides tools and strategies to entrepreneurs and professionals to avoid burnout and navigate work-life balance.  Hayley is a Licensed Masters Social Work (LMSW) and is a Member of the National Association of Social Workers.


In this episode, Adam and Hayley discuss:
Life is not one size fits all
How people can use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to achieve work-life balance
The power of social media

Key Takeaways:

  • Life is not one size fits all so take advantage of the evidence-based strategies and learn to customize them and make them uniquely ours to fit into our lifestyles.
  • Our actions and responses will always make sense if we can get to the root thought behind them. Engaging in the present moment, by utilizing your senses, is a great way to alleviate future anxiety, and it can be done at your own convenience.
  • You can always find different tools and resources to lower your stress levels as well as lower the sources of stress themselves with just a click in different social media platforms, it’s just about finding what works well for you.

“Just ask yourself each and every day “How am I feeling and what do I need?”. That will really guide you and really help bring about what it is that you’re feeling and thinking deep down.” – Hayley Schiller

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