It Is About How You Respond with Leah Sindelar


About Leah Sindelar: She is the Founder of Earth Guide Collective. She is a Shaman, Mastery Method trained Coach, & Web Designer. After being opened to the world of spirit at a young age through the recognition of auras, Leah’s logical mind began shifting and opening up to dimensions she never expected. After receiving training in both reiki and pranic healing, she began to explore a style of her own through the assistance of her guides. Having rejected her shamanic gifts for years, she realized that one of the best ways to be of service in this world now is to offer her gift and stand confident in her authenticity.​



 In this episode, Adam and Leah discuss:


  • Responding rather than reacting 
  • Finding your own way to mindfulness 
  • Meditation is a journey of mastery 


 Key Takeaways:


  • Don’t react to your diagnosis in a doom and gloom way. Instead, respond by creating more options. See other areas or other mediums in which you can find healing. Explore and be curious. 


  • Following the mainstream approach is not always the best way to achieve it. Experts, teachers, and guides – many of them are trustworthy and know what they’re talking about, but living a mindful life is a path that you have to create yourself. 


  • Learning meditation is a journey of mastery. You can get better at it. Once you’ve found your way past the first difficult tries, you’ll be able to be more mindful and benefit from it in many ways. You’ll thank your past self for trying. 



 “I never would’ve thought that breath work was as powerful as it is… I’ve found with breath work – using that as a mindful practice, combined with meditation – to anchor myself back into my body and reassure myself that it is safe to be here, to feel my body.” — Leah Sindelar


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Book: Meditation Not Medicine 

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