Interview with Stress Specialist Cheryl Meyer – Part 2


About Cheryl Meyer:  About Cheryl Meyer: She is a speaker, podcaster, author, publisher and coach. After experiencing pain that no one could understand, Cheryl began her journey of discovery towards healing and found that the secret to her healing would be controlling her stress. Since then, she has learned to control her stress and has written many books about her learnings, one of them being “Stress: Two Minute Exercises to Break Up The Day, A Deskbook Guide”.

In this episode, Adam and Cheryl discuss:

  • How nature protects its own and how they benefit humans
  • Doing daily sensory walks in nature
  • Finding beauty in life despite of being sick

Key Takeaways:

  • Being near to nature, whether in the forests or oceans has so many health benefits. It boosts your immune system, reduces your blood pressure, reduces your stress levels, improves your mood, reduces anxiety and so much more
  • Nature brings healing, even just being near one or vacationing somewhere near can give you so many benefits and it makes you happy.
  • We have more power over our bodies than they’re giving us the ability to believe but know that you have power over what you’re going through.

“We think that the magic is gonna be in the pill like we’re supposed to get old and hurt… we don’t have to get old and have pain. If we take care of ourselves, return to nature and do all the things that keep us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy… we don’t have to go down the chute in tons of medication and pain.” —  Cherly Meyer 

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Show notes by Podcastologist Justine Talla.

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