Interview with Chloe Markham, Yoga & Meditation Teacher at The Yoga Revolution


About Chloe Markham: Chloe, the founder of The Yoga Rev’, started practicing yoga with online tutorials, and when she finally started going to in-person classes, they just didn’t match up with her vision of how they should’ve been. She found them uninspiring, disconnected, boring, unwelcoming, unrelatable. And, she thought, if she was having that experience, surely there were others who were, too.

So, she decided to train to become a teacher herself. If she couldn’t find classes that lit her up, she’d teach them! Classes that removed the barriers of expense, dogma and the spiritual hype that’s often found in the yoga world. Classes that were welcoming, unpretentious, accepting, joyful.

And so The Yoga Revolution was born. It’s become a movement from what yoga’s classically been to what it can be. It’s yoga, just more fun. The Yoga Revolution was founded back in 2016 and has always had the same goal – to simply help us feel better leaving the mat than when we arrived. It’s about dropping the formalities of regular yoga classes to help us find more joy, more connection, and help us feel awesome.

And the teaching family that really makes TYR

Chloe – Founder and Lead Teacher

Chloe is the founder of TYR and her mission in life is simple: to encourage and facilitate authentic happiness in herself and those around her, and this goes into each and every class she teaches.

Chloe’s yoga journey began in 2006 as a way for her to increase fitness to improve her surfing, but little did she know that it would also change her life.

A strong home practice has been her go-to, and Eoin Finn’s Blissology is her staple along the way. Wanting to do nothing by halves, Chloe finally went to Bali in 2016 to get her 200-hour yoga teaching certificate with Eoin and came home a Blissology-inspired yoga teacher.

She’s been teaching yoga classes around York since 2016, adding some seriously good vibes to the York yoga scene, and now teaches and runs TYR from her little home studio in North Yorkshire. She remains a pretty shit surfer.

She’s a rep for the coastal protection charity Surfers Against Sewage and believes happiness is available not just in the form of yoga, but in baked goods as well.

In this episode, Adam and Chloe Markham discuss:

  • Making Yoga accessible
  • Transcending the dullness of everyday life
  • The practical benefits of yoga and meditation

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s easier to perform healthy exercises like yoga when it’s made to be more laid back and easily accessible.
  • Yoga and meditation allows you to transcend the dullness of everyday life and connect with your higher self.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation helps not only to reduce stress and center your mind but it could help you find joy and peace within

“Every single day that I meditate in the morning I’m less stuck in those trains of automation, I can choose more, I’m more awake and alive” —  Chloe Markham

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