Haley Weber: Talk With A Teacher Part 1



About Haley Weber: She is a public school teacher who specializes in special education and is a mother to two kids, Andrew and Daniel; she lives with her husband, Adam Weber.

Today Adam and Haley talk about what’s going on with the kids and why the kids going through the stress of the COVID pandemic are “not alright”. As a teacher and a parent, Haley brings up her own personal conversations on how teachers are doing, how the kids are either dealing or struggling with stress and why it’s important to address it.


In this episode, Adam and Haley discuss:

  • How the Covid pandemic has affected today’s education system
  • The struggle of kids in special education and the importance of resilience
  • Video games’ double-edged effect on children’s social life

Key Takeaways:

  • Both teachers and students are trying to make today’s hybrid education system work in their own way, but both sides are struggling.
  • Struggles and stressful situations show just how important it is to find some way to cope – the best way being through meditation.
  • Resilience in these times is necessary and there are a lot of stories of resilience in students – but some whether they wanted to become resilient or not do not have a choice due to their circumstances.

“Kids are resilient… and they’ll survive this. They will bounce back.” —  Haley Weber

The Meditation NOT Medicine Podcast is where we explore the various benefits of meditation, share meditation tips and tricks to help reduce your stress and guide you through your stress reduction journey.


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