Dissolve Stress, Build Resilience & Thrive with Rachel Posner


About Rachel Posner: Rachel is a yoga therapist and mindfulness coach. She specializes in helping clients decrease fear and anxiety and increase self-compassion and life satisfaction through online courses, yoga, yoga therapy, and retreats.

In this episode, Adam and Rachel discuss:

  • How do we feel safer in the world
  • What is mindfulness and how does it work
  • Rewiring our nervous system
  • Checking in with your body
  • The role that yoga plays in your life

Key Takeaways:

The feeling of connection is the first step to feeling safer in the world – when we feel that someone else has our back or we are surrounded by support, our nervous system calms down.
Make mindfulness a part of every moment. It will allow you to not just become aware, but also notice the stressors that arise, and develop a kind of plan for how to respond as each arises.
Rewire your nervous system through meditation and mindfulness practices. The fight that rests and digests becomes stronger and easier to move into when you practice it.
Being aware of what’s happening in your body might feel overwhelming at first, but as you practice, you’ll build a deeper connection with yourself and with others.
Practicing yoga is more than just stretching, it’s about strength and mobility, thus finding the right class for us is crucial to slow down all those external thoughts and worries.

“Just by identifying, naming, and then really sitting with those safety cues, mindfulness practices will help shift the state that we’re in to give ourselves and our systems a little bit more support.” —  Rachel Posner


Connect with Rachel Posner:

Website: https://www.rachelposner.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RachelPosnerYogaTherapy/

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