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About Chelsea Riffe: She is a Mindset + Podcast coach, an entrepreneur and a podcast host herself of the show called “In My Non-Expert Opinion”. She helps her clients work through the mindset piece of the puzzle that’s often ignored. She believes that the strategy and creative part is easy – since it’s already inside us so she gives guidance on mapping it out and a plan to follow.


In this episode, Adam and Chelsea discuss:

  • Mindset is a huge part of life
  • Slowing down with yoga and meditation
  • Being mindful to be healthy


Key Takeaways:

  • Mindset is a huge part of life, no matter what career you’ve found yourself in. That’s why it’s important to keep gratitude at the front and center of your mind.
  • Slow down and check in with your body. Create an awareness within you – what is it really that’s stressing you out? What’s keeping you anxious every morning? The best way to do this is by practicing yoga and meditation.
  • The first step to living a healthier life is making a decision to do so. Be mindful of your routine, be mindful of how you feel whenever you’re done eating, be mindful of the places that you go to.


“That’s the importance of yoga and meditation – it gives you a sense of awareness, it gives you something to check in with yourself everyday, and it’s like the ultimate form of self-care, it’s checking in with your mind and body.” —  Chelsea Riffe

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