Obstacles to Learning to Meditate

If you are reading one of my books, read my blog or watched any of my videos than you have learned that there are many benefits from creating your own meditation practice and many people still fail to meditate daily.


Many of us have our own misconceptions about meditation and my research shows that the biggest obstacle is that people do not feel that they have enough time.


What this means is that you have not made getting rid of your stress a priority.


As you learn with Meditation Not Med in this book, the many benefits of meditation can come with a practice that is just minutes a day.


As I teach you can start with just 3 or 5 minutes a day and build on it from there. 3 to 5 minutes can easily be found.


The second biggest obstacle is a lack of self-discipline. Creating a meditation habit takes discipline. In creating a habit, any habit, many of us start quickly with great intentions but lack the discipline to continue. That is why Easy to Meditate was created. Not just to teach you how to meditate but to assist you in creating the habit.


The third biggest obstacle is that people claim not to have a place to meditate. This is a bad excuse. There are plenty of places that you can meditate. Not having a place is an excuse, not an obstacle.


The fourth excuse is that people do not know how to meditate. I want to make you an offer. Just come with me. Follow my lead and whether it be through just this book or through my trainings whether they are in person or online I will help you learn to meditate.


The fifth and last obstacle that I am going to discuss is that many claim that there are too many distractions. Really? Distractions are a poor excuse.


Magnum, my cat used to come sit next to me or even on my lap while I meditated. Now my pup Churchill sits by my side. Never once have either been a distraction.


As Marie Forleo is famous for saying “Everything is Figureoutable”.


You can figure it out and if you feel stuck, contact me. We will figure it out together.

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