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Mainstream medicine and its care for the millions struggling with stress have left many with little hope and fewer answers.

The current way that we traditionally receive care because of stress is inadequate to say the least.

I have been able to pinpoint three reasons why our current medical system is failing.

  1. The current medical system takes a one size fits all approach to treatment. The focus has been to pair a condition like stress with a drug. The taking a pill approach is a failed approach and it fails to consider that we are all different and that there are no “magic pills” out there.
  2. The current medical system and the drugs utilized are designed to manage symptoms and are not designed to heal.
  3. The treatments utilized present numerous side effects. According to the Journal of The American Medical Association, more than 100,000 people die each year die from the use of prescription drugs.

According to the World Health Organization, the global pharmaceuticals market is worth more than $300 billion dollars every year and that figure is expected to keep rising.

The prescription game is riddled with conflicts of interest and the effects are hurting us.

I am not telling you to ignore your doctor, their advice or to go off any of the medications that are prescribed for you, but when you are suffering because of your stress there is an alternative.

I am going to encourage you to ask questions and to look beyond the pill bottle because millions of us are falling through the earthquake sized cracks of conventional care.

What you learn when you work with me has never been more relevant and never more important.

You are about to join what is one of the most important movements of our time. The Meditation Not Medicine movement is changing the course of history.

It is no secret that our stress has reached epic levels and for the billions of dollars being spent on books, programs, and visits to the doctor’s office we are failing at addressing our stress and it is killing us. Literally killing us.

Everybody has their own opinion what the best way to cope with their stress is.

Today, we have access to the internet which provides billions of web pages and we also have access to thousands of books, cd’s and DVD’s as well as other types of information.

The overload of information is enough to cause a tsunami of stress itself.

This does not include the long list of drugs and other potions that are available to us for consumption and are supposed to provide a quick fix.

Shortly, after finishing my book, “From Stress to Profit” for the corporate market I gave a meditation workshop to a group of business leaders that were increasingly worried about the effects that stress was having on their organizations and their bottom line.

If you are in the business world than you know that profit matters, and for some it is the only thing that matters, and stress levels are at an all-time high.

After the workshop was over, I realized that like the right workout or the right diet that meditation is something that people know is good for them but have no idea how to do nor do they know to create their own meditation practice.

But those in the business world are not the only ones suffering so, I set out to write a book and to create a course about learning how to meditate built around my proprietary meditation method called “Easy to Meditate”.

My aim was to create an experiential book, and to create an experiential experience for you whether you are a parent, a teen or anyone else because meditation has a long history of providing benefits to those that utilize it regularly.

Not only was I intent on demystifying what meditation is, but to teach my proprietary meditation technique so that as many people as possible could benefit from the technique.

Although meditation can seem mystic to some, learning to meditate and developing your own daily meditation practice does not have to be mystical or difficult.

Meditating every day, even for just a few minutes a day can help you reduce your stress and provide a wealth of benefits.

Like millions of others, you too can experience the life-changing benefits of a meditation by implementing what you learn here. It is not enough to just read this book.

So why aren’t more people meditating?

The whole premise behind Meditation Not Medication is that I can teach you an easy to utilize approach to learning how to meditate and how to create your own, repeatable and beneficial meditation practice.

Based on my research, this is what you need and what you have been waiting for.

If you have ever been curious about meditation, have tried to learn to meditate in the past or have learned to meditate in the past than you are in the right place. this book is for you.

My goal is to give you everything that you need to build a successful meditation practice.

It is my intention to steer you in the right direction so that you can avoid some of the mistakes and pitfalls that I experienced and that many of others have made. I ultimately want you to build a meditation practice that works for you.

I am confident that with my technique, “Easy to Meditate” that you will find a technique and a system that works for you.

My pledge is to help you reduce your stress with a proven meditation technique.

I pledge to make your experience with me easy and worth every minute of your time.

Thank you for joining the Meditation Not Medicine community.

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