I Challenge You

Even with the best of training and strategies you will accomplish little if you do not get started and implement what you learn. Halfhearted implementation is all too common and as a result, you do not get the results that you want.

The following is a transformational formula that plays a big and impactful in my life every day.

The formula is:


Event + Response = Outcome

EVENTS are what happen to us.

RESPONSES are how we respond to these events.

OUTCOMES are the result of our responses to those events.

Everything you do is a result of your choices. Your outcome is up to you. You must respond the right way.

You must respond to your stress the right way. My writings and trainings are for those that can benefit from creating a meditation practice to help to reduce their stress.

I want to challenge you to read this every blog post and watch every video. Be a sponge. I also want to challenge you to do the work.

There is a lot at stake.

My writings are intentionally written and designed to provide you with usable and actional information, not fluff.

There are two ways that you can read this book and implement the proven strategies in this book, either passively or actively.

If you passively read this book this means that you will consume the material in this book, learn something, possibly be entertained and taking no action whatsoever.

If you actively read this book it means that you will be engaged and take massive action after reading the book and determining which strategies work for you.

There are prompts like visit www.meditationnotmedicine.com and join the community.

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This community has everything that you need to know to establish your own meditation practice, but do not confuse reading this blog with taking the necessary actions that you need to create your own meditation practice.

Make a commitment to yourself that you come back to this website often, take what you need and implement what you learn.

I will give you as much helpful information as possible. While I wish that I could work one on one with every single one of you, I am limited by the fact that there is only one of me, and that I have limited time.

This book provides you with a framework for creating your own personalized meditation practice

I encourage to regularly visit the website www.meditationnotmedicine.com and join the supportive community.

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