meditation questions

Common Meditation Questions

I speak and train both individuals and groups about meditation, and I am asked lots of questions because meditation is new to many people. It is not abnormal for someone...
Beginner's Mind

Adopt a Beginner’s Mind

A beginner’s mind means having reasonable expectations when starting something new, like meditation. Here are some ways to develop a beginner's mind. Take one step at a time. Fall 7...
stress and anxiety

8 Common Causes of our Stress and Anxiety

The following are the 8 most common causes of stress and Anxiety. 1. Finances: Money is the biggest source of stress and anxiety for Americans, according to research which is...

Why You Should Create Your Meditation Practice with Easy to Meditate

Easy to Meditate can help you to reduce your stress. Easy to Meditate can help you to reduce your feelings of anxiety. Easy to Meditate can help you reduce your...
visualize no stress

Visualize No Stress

Can you imagine waking up each day with a clear mind and visualize no stress in an approach without fear of your stress grabbing you and shaking you around? Visualization,...

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