6 Responses to Hitting a Wall in Your Meditation Practice

6 Responses to Hitting a Wall in Your Meditation Practice

You might feel like you’ve been hitting a wall in your meditation practice. Find out how to bounce back and get your enthusiasm back with these 6 responses. The following...
meditation easy

A 9-Step Easy-to-Meditate Process

The following is adapted from Meditation Not Medicine. Agitation, frustration, moodiness—we all experience negative emotions like these from time to time. However, does it ever feel like they’re happening a...
Meditation Practice

Adopting a Beginner’s Mind to Make the Most of Meditation Practice

If you’ve already discovered the numerous wonderful benefits of implementing a meditation practice as part of your daily routine, congratulations! That means you’re well on your way to creating and...
Mind is racing

Your Mind is Racing

Have you ever tried to relax and go to sleep but your mind keeps racing? Have you ever tried to read a book or watch a TV show, but your...
Meditation practice

Starting Your Own Meditation Practice

Self-discipline governs what you do to help you create a habit, like a daily meditation practice. Undisciplined people usually fail.   The way you start your day sets the tone...

Obstacles to Learning to Meditate

If you are reading one of my books, read my blog or watched any of my videos than you have learned that there are many benefits from creating your own...
myths about meditation

Meditation Myths and Truths

There are numerous myths about meditation, and I would like to address some of them.   Myth-Meditation and Mindfulness are the same thing.   Truth-While the terms are sometimes used...
mainstream medicine

Mainstream Medicine

Mainstream medicine and its care for the millions struggling with stress have left many with little hope and fewer answers. The current way that we traditionally receive care because of...
stress magazine

June 6, 1983

The June 6, 1983 Time magazine’s cover story called stress “The Epidemic of the Eighties” and referred to it at the time as our leading health problem. Today, approximately 75%...

I Challenge You

Even with the best of training and strategies you will accomplish little if you do not get started and implement what you learn. Halfhearted implementation is all too common and...

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